Solar Shade Screen Solutions

Motorized Interior Window Solar Polar Shades®

Technology for residential, commercial, hospitality and healthcare window applications is constantly progressing. Movements that seem natural to us, such as closing a blind manually, are today considered out dated. The Polar Shades® product is a leader in window covering motorization and automation options. By coordinating motors and electronic controls, Polar Shades® are the industry choice for California Lifestyle Screens to provide and install as a reliable and practical solar shade solution to its customers.  The decision of how to power a motorized window covering is based on the user’s preference together with input from our knowledgeable motorization experts. Rest assured that California Lifestyle Screens’ Polar Shades® motorization expertise will simplify the operation of your window coverings ensuring more time for enjoyment of the finer things in life!


Interior Solar Shades / Blocks Out Sun


Custom Fitted w/ Light & Dark Colors Options


Transparency Options Available


Makes Your Home Energy Efficient


Provides Complete Privacy


  • Available in width of 28? up to 168? measured bracket to bracket with coupled shade applications and angled couplers for single motor operation of larger expanses.
  • Available in drops of 12? up to 192? with total drop measured from top of bracket to bottom of hem bar
  • Minimum split (1/4?) coupled shades.
  • 5.5? head box with concealer plate available for recessed applications
  • Black out track and 4? or 5? fascia in standard colors: white, tan, black, bronze or anodized aluminum
  • Powder-coated steel brackets available in standard colors: white, tan, black, bronze or anodized aluminum
  • Adjustable leveling brackets
  • Retractable idler end
  • Precision idle bearing
  • Motorized by Somfy motors, the premier motor in the industry including wide range of Standard, Altus RTS, Sonesse RTS, Sonesse ILT & ILT motors with complete integration into automation systems
  • Extensive selection of standard roll off back fabrics or “waterfall” roll off front applications
  • Welded (not sewn) fabric seams in horizontal application for solar fabrics and either horizontal or vertical application for acrylic fabrics
  • Seam placement comes standard at highest possible height or at customer specified height as measured from bottom of hem bar
  • Roller tubes are 60/61 T6 aluminum alloy, available in 63mm, 70mm and 78mm steel.
  • Manufacturing deductions taken during production:
    Fascia – 0?
    Roller tube – 1 7/8?
    Weight bar – 3 ½”
    Fabric – 2?
    Hem bar – 2?
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

All Seasons™ Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable screen doors allow you to invite the outside world in by expanding your space and adding ventilation while keeping dirt, insects and uninvited pests out. All Seasons™ Retractable Screen Doors utilize a unique, adaptable system, allowing us to create screen doors without compromising the personalized style of your home. Thanks to our innovative design, we’re able to fit screens on single doors and large openings, such as double French doors.

Starting at $379 for a standard single door. Call for our Double Door Specials. (Taller doors are an additional $100/door)


    • Works Well With Your Front Door: if you want to improve airflow in your home without the hassle of an added screen door then retractable screens are ideal. They allow you to open your front door and let the air in while still being protected from insects. When finished the sliding design keeps the screen from obscuring your front door.
    • Go Great With French Doors: much like with your front door, retractable screens work well with French Doors and other large openings. They allow for airflow and protection from insects but don’t block your ornate doors when not in use.
    • Allowed In Condos and HOAs: if you live in a condo or HOA, in many cases, you can’t add permanent screens due to homeowner association bylaws. However, sliding screens are readily approved as they do not block or hinder the overall look of the property.

Screen Housing Colors Available:

Frame Colors

Available Screen Color Options:


Screen Material Options:

Standard Screen
Standard fiberglass screen mesh material.

Opt. Solar Screen
Eliminates up to 60% of the sun’s heat.

Opt. Super Screen
Five times stronger than traditional fiberglass mesh.

The most common uses of an All Seasons Retractable Screen Door are . . .

  • Front Doors – Home owners wish to have the option of airflow with insect protection through their front door without having to always open 2 doors. The traditional screen door functions exactly like the front door causing you to have to open 2 doors to enter or exit the residence. They also do not want a permanent screen covering the beauty of their decorative door.
  • Sliding Glass Doors – The number 1 complaint and problem with sliding screen doors is that the rollers break, or become bent and will not allow the screen to slide, thus rendering the screen inoperable. Also with the screen always being exposed to the elements it becomes dirty and stained, and a permanent screen substantially diminishes your view as it is always visible and providing a distorted view. An “All Seasons Retractable Screen Door” allows you to see clearly and unobstructed through your glass doors and when not in use, & stay looking new for years ahead!
  • Double French Doors – An All Seasons Retractable Screen Door is the best choice for double French doors as it allows the beauty of the doors to be seen when the screens are not in use. Our auto latch allows one side of the door to be stationary, while the other side is fully operational for easy entry into the home. They allow full protection from insects when both doors are open, and the retractable screens are being used, along with a breath of fresh air for your home.
  • High-Rise Condominium Doors – Many Home Owner Associations forbid installation of permanent screens on condominium doors. Home Owner Associations will only approve retractable screen doors as they are not obtrusive or alter the look of the property.
  • Windows – With an All Seasons Retractable Screen you will no longer have to remove and clean your screens or repair them every spring. Our screens are hidden out of sight until needed, thus keeping them looking new for years to come.
  • Retractable Screens virtually disappear when not in use! You only see them when you need them.
  • Safety Design – The screen expands upon impact preventing damaged to screens or personal injury.
  • Low Maintenance – When not in use the screens are protected from dirt, and inclement weather, keeping your screens looking like new for years to come. No more removing and storing of screens in winter!
  • Powder Coated Finish – Provides a long lasting appearance.
  • Custom Sizing – Regardless of your door or window size, we have a screen for you that is custom made at your residence.
  • Top & Bottom Tracks – Insect piling keeps the bugs out for a secure seal.
  • Magnetic Seal – Provides a complete full length, rust proof, secure seal from top to bottom. No gaps.

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